Welcome to my site! I am a Process Consultant, Executive Coach and a Diversity Consultant located in India.  My organisation Manthan Consulting works in collaboration with Flame Tao Knoware Private Limited, a boutique consulting firm consisting of talented and creative professionals.

As a professional in the area of personal growth, leadership development and diversity, I have been working for the past twenty five years across groups and communities.  Every encounter with every individual, each group and communities have been a treasure trove for me and has enriched my life. This has been an extremely important process of learning and development for my personal growth as an individual and a professional.

This blog is an attempt to bring alive the insights and themes that weave themselves together through my experience over the past years. Needless to say, no confidential information about names, demographics, events or narratives or statements made in person, or in writing, over telephone or through any other electronic media, of and by the clients will be reproduced or represented in this blog.    

This blog is then a space for sharing themes and insights that have come about during my work and  I would appreciate your views and thoughts.